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Computer Programming and Systems Analysis

Matthew E. Nicoll, B.Sc.

Cypher Consulting is an independent computer programming and systems analysis business, started in 1987. The business operates from a home office in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. (There are direct flights from Comox to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.) Matthew Nicoll has worked on a variety of computer systems, from government IBM Mainframes down to small-business PCs, on applications including scientific data processing and display, modelling, analysis of highway accident data, database, data entry, web apps, e-commerce, time accounting, invoicing, and resort registration. His systems are well-organized, documented and maintainable. He produces well-written, usable manuals and help systems.

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B.Sc. Mathematics, University of Victoria, 1976

Summary of Technical Experience

Computer Hardware and Operating Systems
Hardware Operating Systems
Intel / PC Windows 7, XP, NT, 95, 3.1, DOS, OS/2
VAX, Alpha VMS
DY-4 DSM 6816 UNIX
Sun, HP, Alpha SunOS, HP_UX, OSF1
FPS Array Processor
PDP 11 RSX/11

Programming Languages
Visual Basic, Fortran 77 & Fortran 90, PHP, VBA (MS-Access, Word, Excel), XSLT, PL/1, REXX, Pascal, Dbase IV, AutoLisp

Winteracter, GKS, Plot88, Calcomp, DISSPLA, Plot10, NCAR

Database Systems
MS-Access, Oracle, MySQL, Paradox, dBase

Software Applications
Scientific Graphics Systems
Administrative & Statistical Systems
Oceanographic Data Processing & Modelling
Web / e-commerce

Year 2000 (Y2K)
IBM Mainframe application conversion project
Department of Fisheries & Oceans application assessments

Word, Document & Text Processing
Microsoft Word
Windows help library development, with HelpBreeze
Digital Standard Runoff

Contact Information

Mailing address:
Cypher Consulting
6846 Railway Ave.
Courtenay, British Columbia
Canada, V9J 1N4

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Phone numbers:
Business: 250-337-8441
Residence: 250-337-8491

250-337-8441 (requires manual attendance)

Web Site:

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