The Island Girls - CDs.

The Island Girls were a group of five (more or less) young women (mostly) who played Celtic, French-Canadian and original music, in the years 2000 to 2007. They performed regularly, funding the production of three full-length CDs, and two European tours. The band performed at festivals including the Vancouver Island MusicFest in Courtenay, Le Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, the Warwick Folk Festival in England, the Dranouter Festival in Belgium, and Festival des Cultures du Monde in France.

Where The Trees Grow

Recorded in 2002.

Jenni Joy, Heather Saunders, Marissa Vachon,
Georgina Nicoll, Nicole Barrett
  1. Tell Me Ma
  2. Where the Trees Grow (G.Nicoll)
  3. Her Mantle So Green (Trad.) / Tambour Slide (N.Barrett)
  4. Boat On The River (T.Shaw)
  5. Mist Covered Mountains
  6. Maple Lane Step (G.Nicoll) / Mocha's Gallop (J.Joy)
  7. TamLin's Reel / Growling Old Man
  8. Ripples In The Rockpools (S.Davey)
  9. Coal Quay Port / Road To Lisdoonvarna / Butterfly
  10. MacPherson's Lament
  11. Maid on the Road (G.Nicoll)
  12. The Banks of Spey/Stirling Castle / Lord MacDonald's Reel
  13. La Bastringue
  14. Carrion Crow / Musical Priest
  15. King Of The Fairies
  16. Shut the Door

Caught in the Moment

Recorded in 2004.

Standing: Jenni Joy, Nicole Barrett
Sitting: Stephanie Nicoll, Georgina Nicoll, Marissa Vachon
  1. Frank's Reel (J.McCusker) / Devils Dream / MacArthur Road Reel (D.Richardson)
  2. How Many Ships (G.Nicoll)
  3. Rhythm of the Water (N.Barrett)
  4. Caisleàn Na Nor / Marquis of Huntley / Black Avalanche (N.Barrett)
  5. Wings of a Swan (G.Nicoll)
  6. Le Dévidoir
  7. Cleo's Waltz (G.Nicoll) / Tip the Dumpster (N.Barrett) / Battle of Tright (N.Barrett)
  8. Drunken Sailor / Congress Reel
  9. Demain, je partirai (N.Barrett)
  10. Far Am Mi Fhin / Paddy's Leather Breeches
  11. The Wedding Gift (D.Panting)
  12. Jack McCann (C.Crilly) / Battle of Aughrim
  13. Days Gone By (G.Nicoll)
  14. Ashokan Farewell (J.Unger) / Réel Beatrice / Brenda Stubbert's Reel (J.Holland) / Mason's Apron


Recorded in 2005.

Nicole Barrett, Hugo Lachapelle, Georgina Nicoll,
Stephanie Nicoll, Marissa Vachon
  1. Wes & Maggie's Ceili Croft (L.McCann) / Little Beggar Man
  2. St.Anne's Reel / The Merry Blacksmith
  3. Both Sides the Tweed (trad/D.Gaughan)
  4. The Cellar Door (G.Nicoll) / Stannikan's Ball (G.Nicoll & M.Vachon) / Fiddleback Spider (N.Barrett)
  5. Flynn McGraw (N.Barrett) / The Warlock's Strathspey
  6. Dance On (G.Nicoll)
  7. Catharsis (A.Cann)
  8. Mist Covered Mountains
  9. Les Trois Petits Cochons (B.Daniel & F.Parenteau)
  10. Les Vaisseaux Mirages (R.Philippe & Y.Brault)
  11. La Vendée
  12. Jusqu'au Jour où je Reviendrai (G.Nicoll)
  13. Hanged Man's Reel

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